Daily football news

Hey Football fans, how excited are you?

This is my first blogg i have ever made, and it won’t be the last one.

I am a boy at the age of 16 who goes to Sandvika high school.

I live in Norway, which is one of the greatest countries.

My hobby is of course to play football, and I am a very football enthusiast.                                                                                  In this blogg, you all will get a overview over the last football games.                                                                                         Last night, we all witnessed one of the greatest wins of all time in history.                                                                                  Yesterday was a tough night for the white great Madridistas.                                                                                                       They stood left in the darkness of Santiago Bernabeu, with tears running down their cheeks as they saw they’re strong rival barcelona, lift the Champions League trophy. Its all written down in the book of history.                                                                                     It was the day we saw FC Barcelona humiliate Real Madrid in él clasico.                                                                                      We have seen and heard that Barcelona crushed Real madrid 5-0, 3-1 or 3-0. But never before have we seen Barcelona at the level they have showed us last night, they literally humiliated Real Madrid 9-0.

But the question is, will they perform more games at the level they showed the world last night?


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