The Landlady, Roald Dahl

A short summary of the famous story about Billy Weaver.

A young boy at the age of seventeen, named billy Weaver had a job assignment in the city called Bath.                                         Billy was desperately seeking for a cheap place to live. On his way downtown, he had a shimmer on a poster where it stood: BED AND BREAKFAST. And Billy couldn’t resist the price to live in this house, and before he knows it he rings the door bell. A old lady opens the door, the second after Billy rings on the door bell. She seemed very nice to Billy.

Well i thought that everything would be nice after Billy living in this house. But my expectations was wrong.

I really liked this book, because of the suspense which were only going upwards, gradually.                                                           This classic novel was intense and detailed as well, which is like the cherry on the top.

Overall i think Roald Dahl made a good job with this book, everything was on point and i would recommend this book to everyone above the age of 14.

Tails of the unexpected, the landlady: Movie comparison.

This time ill tell you about the comparison between the book and the 20 minutes movie version. They both started the same way, and i dont think there was some huge differences between the book and the short movie. Except that in the end of the movie they showed us way more many scenes, and the film scenes made it more creepy and scary.

I liked the movie better than the book, because i felt like the movie had more to show us.

Next week i’ll be back with informations and rumors about football, as usual.


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