Spare parts, the movie!

Spare parts

In todays lesson we watched the movie Spare parts, in the class room.

This dramatical movie was based on a true story, which made the whole movie interesting.

The story about a group of hispanic high school students, who compete in an underwater robotics competition.

A group of Carl Hayden High School students who never thought about participating in an underwater robotics competition, made history.

All four students were illegal immigrants from Mexico, which could be a risk.                              They are all an example for many other students and kids, who thinks they never will achieve something. Carl Haydens odds were all against them, and in contrast M.I.T had most of the odds with them. And in this movie M.I.T was title defenders.

What i loved about this movie, was that they never gave up.

They came back stronger and stronger, for everytime they failed.

I would say that the message in this movie was that everyone has a chance to become something, but they need to believe in what they’re doing. For instance, the teacher believed and supported the group almost the whole way.                                     Because of their unknown talents within engineering, the whole group were complete. After getting known with each other, they made to get very close and become friends as well.


I would give this movie a role dice of 5.                                                                                There is nothing that bothers children in watching Spare parts, so i would recommend this movie to people from age 9 and above.



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