Technology associated with school

Technology associated with school.

The introduction of technology is probably the biggest change in education over the last decades.

The power of technology is used to transform how students learn.

We live in a modern generation right now, a highly technology depedent era. And everything is improving.

Our class has been selected to an experimental test group.

In my class we use macbooks and surface pcs. All of our books in each lesson are in the computers. We use a site called to find our books. This is a new way to learn for me as well, I have always been used to flipping pages in text books. I find this new way of learning very interesting and I think this is an effective way to learn. But we need to know that technology won’t make the difference, it is the teachers that will. And it’s not the technology that is important, it is how it is used.

Not everyone can afford the items of today, for instance macbooks and other resources. And i think learning with computers will be a must, because technology is the future.

Not only is it easy to use, but it has a lot of digital functions that makes it even interesting to research online. We normally use One Note and Microsoft Word when we work with typical subjects as Norwegian, English, Geography and so on. I feel very lucky to be a part of this experimental test, and I really hope it will become a success.

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2 thoughts on “Technology associated with school

  1. Hi Roman, great blog post. I agree with you on what you were saying about how technology is improving. At our school we also use laptops for all of our lessons and school work. I find it a lot easier using a laptop for all of your work instead of having lots of different books.

    I hope that your experiment is a success!!!

    From your Aussie mate Lili :)) xx


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