Using Kahoot to learn!

Hey everyone!

Today we had visitors from kahoot! We spend 2-3 hours to make a kahoot about Ernest Miller Hemingway and to present it in front of the class. We also got filmed while we did this project, because the members from kahoot were going to make a video about students that uses kahoot, in a school lesson. There are a lot of kahoot employees, and everyone got their special job, for instance does someone solve program-problems, from the other side. While others works with improving kahoot to make it a better web-site.


Kahoot is a new way of learning. It is a free game-based learning platform, which makes it fun to learn!   It is a very fun method to learn, because it brings joy to learn in any subjects.                                            This is not the first time our class use kahoot! And for each time we use kahoot as a learning platform, we usually learn a lot and at the same time we do have fun.                                                                               I learned a lot about Ernest Hemingway today, which was the purpose of the day.

How do you use a kahoot?

It depends on if you want to hold a quiz, or to participate in one. If you want to make a kahoot, you have to make an account and have som questions and answers ready. 1 correct answer and 3 false, you can also trick them, with for example 2 correct answers. On the other side if you just want to participate in a kahoot contest, you need to get a pin-code and nick-name, which is less advanced.

Overall do I find kahoot a very great web-site with a great purpose. There is a big chance that this site will get more used as a learning platform for students in the future.

Peace out! -Roman        unnamed


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