Rabbit proof fence

Today we watched a movie called ”Rabbit proof fence”. This is a film about Indigenous Aboriginal-Australian people. A small group of children who belongs to the ”stolen generation”. This is a movie to remember what happend to the Aboriginal-Australian people.


  1. 2. Your reflections on the topic, what did you know before you saw the movie and read the background, and what did you learn today?

I have already watched this movie once, so this is the second time. I still find it very interesting. The topic ”stolen generation” is something that we can forgive, but never forget. Many innocent aboriginal children’s got kidnapped and psychological abused. The Australian’s believed that we had 3 races based on skin tones, the negros, the white ones and those who has half-caste skin tone.  (light brown). That was apparently to much for them, so they wanted to exterminate the half-caste children. But how? The plan was based on taking away the children of a mother to rise them up like one of their own men, with Australian beliefs and pride. They also needed to marry an Australian men/women.

I especially learned and understood a message in this movie. Giving up can be easy, you can give up whenever you want. But if you want something really bad, even if it takes a lot, you could get it. We saw a huge episode of this in this movie, where Molly and Daisy walked for weeks with hope. And in the end, they reached their destination and target to meet their parents.


  1. Do you think the girls could have really walked all that way?


Im not sure if that is true, but it might be a fact.

I couldn’t imagine my self as a 7-10 year old kid walking for several weeks, without food or shoes. The hot sun burning on my face, without water is frustrating. But i think, that there was someone who helped them on the road to their destination. Otherwise it is hard to believe that this is something that truly happend.


1.What period of history is decribed in the movie?


I believe that this movie is from around 1940-1949. There is not a lot of people who have heard about the ”stolen generation”. The amount of people who got their attention is quite few. But in the past years we heard that the primeminister of Australia Kevin Rudd held a speech about the Aboriginal people. 13 February 2008 was called for “Sorry day”. 38 years later he realized that this apology would affect those who suffered.




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