Movie project!

We are back in school now. We have a new year standing in front of us, with many opportunities.


Before we had Christmas holidays, we did start with a film project.

Everone had to participate in one or another way. My job was to assist the camera man and to be a statist. When everything was ready for set, my job was to hold the microphone in front of the main actors and to secure that everything was fine. I also helped the main actors with lights, along with Martin Joachim. So the actors would look better in action.

I think we are standing in the shadows, but overall we did the important unnoticed job in this project.



How i use technology in class part 2.

 As you may know, our class is a part of the technology project test.

Until now no one seem to complain about it. And I think it is a great way of learning. I would describe it as effective and easy. I have a Macbook, and all of our books is in our computers. We use Unibook, Brettboka, One Note and so on.. As learning platforms. We also use our opportunities to skype with people from the other side of the world. Like Australia and Alaska. I really like that our class are learning in different ways. We make videos, we write on our blog, and we also make movies. How amazing isn’t that? It could’nt be better.


Technology is really the future!



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