How i learn English

Improvement is the process of a thing moving from one state to a state considered to be better. For some it takes a second to learn, for others a long time. People are different and we learn in different ways. Some learn by watching TV series, others by reading book and do English tasks. I am comfortable with watching TV series and read books. Because there a lot of difficult words in English. But when you watch a movie or read a book, you can understand what the words means by the act around the word.

In our class we use our computers almost all the time. We work with blog posts, and we make podcasts and produce short movies. I love this way of learning, because i feel like I’m better with the oral tasks, than those written assignments, and it is fun!             However the disadvantage with this learnings platform is that we get done to little grammar tasks on websites. And if we want to avoid grammar mistakes, then grammar tasks is what it takes. The rest of our class agrees to this.

As mentioned i feel more comfortable with oral tasks, because there is so much creativity in this class. We get to use almost everything to make our movies and podcasts as good as possible, likes microphones and cameras worth 10k. In contrast when we have assignments, you do nothing except sit and write a lot of words based on a theme that is hard to write about. Some may think writing tasks are better, but there is not many.



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