The election in the US

Two democrats and three Republicans are still in the running for their 2016 presidential nomination. The most famous candidates for this year is, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich.

I took a political election quiz today. It showed me which of the candidates I have most in common with. Hilary Clinton was in first place, with 81% in common, John Kasich came right behind her, with 79%.

I really think there should be a more restriction on the current process of purchasing guns. A gun can take a life, and there are a lot of episodes about this in the US right now. In California, 53% of the population has voted yes to get more restriction on this purchasing guns, and 47% voted no. 45% voted yes, 7% voted: Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training. 1% voted yes and ban all guns from public use. The democrats is also voting yes. 80% voted yes and 20% voted no. In contrast, 84% of the Republicans voted no, and only 16% voted yes.

I could never vote for Donald Trump, the way he forces and uses violence to get what he want’s is wrong. Trump could not have been a candidate in Europe, because the majority disagrees with him and the way he works. He is also giving voice to voters frustrations and fears about America’s place in the world.

You don’t make America great by getting rid of everything that made America great in the first place. -Hillary Clinton. This sentence is referred to Donald Trump and his actions. Because this is exactly what Trump’s ideology is based on.

America needs a president who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry and tell them their profits are not more important than the planet. -Berne Sanders. A lot of Sanders ideology is based on the future. Our actions has something to say about the future.

The Republicans significance is mostly based on low taxes for everyone, even if it increases the youth’s scholarship. The Republicans are more traditional unlike the Democrats. The Democrats wants to promote same sex gay marriage and Obamacare. rep_dem

A delegate is someone who attends in communicates on behalf of an organization. They normally discuss ideas at a meeting. The amount of delegates needed to become the Republican Party nominee is a simple majority of 1237 out of 2472 total delegates at the Republican National Convention. The democrats need 2833 delegates to success.

I chose to read: Facing a key test in Ohio, Trump takes aim at Kasich.                                           In this newspaper, we read about 2 candidates who are pretty aggressive. They are trying to scold each other out, at front of the media. And as they say in the paper, Trump has served up a smorgasbord full of scorn: Kasich is a baby, Kasich is a loser, Kasich is weak and  Kasich isn’t very bright. This is just a small part of all the other things that has been stated. The second article i’ve read is called: More big wins for Clinton and Trump.                 Those two candidates has won a lot of votes. Sooner or later will they stand in front of each other. Who will win then? Trump lost in Ohio, but picked up a few wins in Illinois and Nort-Caroline. But Clinton triumphed Tuesday in the Flo Rida.

Donald TrumpHillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_crop.jpg

If i was an American, I would vote for Hillary Clinton. Due to my Political quiz today, 81% of what i agreed to had something in common with Clinton. The last person i would have been voting for is Donald Trump, because of his crazy ideologies. Hillary Clinton could also make a history by becoming the first woman-president of the US. I also think Clinton conveys in a serious and correctly way. What Clinton stands for, and what she is fighting for to complete is something that has a lot in common with my opinion about what is good. So the conclusion is that as long as Donald Trump doesn’t win, I will be happy.



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