Global challenges

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis.

We can compare climate changes into military conflicts, they both have categories. There are local problems, such as air and water pollution. Then there are bigger problems such as acid rain over a large territory, which is a regional problem. Lastly, there are world problems. Everything is affected. Due to this, we need to respond with a worldwide response. Al Gore is telling us to switch to a greener way of living, as soon as possible. And most importantly there needs to be a global transition to low-carbon economy.




The middle east has had some issues this summer concerning heat. Some would say Europe have had some hot days with 22 degrees in Germany, 24 degrees in London and 24 degrees in Greece, but the real problem lays in Kuwait. The temperature rose to a record braking 54 degrees, just underneath the record that was made in 1913 in Death Valley, California, on 56,7 degrees. This shows that there are problems with the earths climate. The areas around equator are getting hotter and the poles are melting, as a result of us humans not taking enough care of our precious planet. In other words, the July month in the middle east goes down in the history books as one of the hottest ever recorded.


Climate change is one of the biggest problems we face. Out of all the global issues, climate change is estimated to be one of the most comprehensive and expensive ones to fix. This autumn a new president will be elected in the United States, and the two new candidates opinion on the the climate-issue has never been more different. Trump has referred to global warming as “a hoax” while Clinton on the other hand sees it as an urgent concern. In addition, Trumps VP candidate, Mike Pence, said in 2014: “We haven’t seen a lot of warming.”. Actually, 2014 was the hottest year recorded since 1881, according to NASA. Pence doubts that climate change is a real problem, while Trump on the other hand does not consider it a problem worth all the resources spent on it. The fact that possible leaders of one of the worlds most powerful countries do not believe in one of the biggest global issues is something a lot of people find terrifying.


You could say that Norway do not contribute a lot to the climate changes with us having around 99% of all our energy coming from water energy, but we actually do contribute to climate change quite a lot. First of all, we sell a lot of oil. This oil of course ends up in our atmosphere sooner or later, contributing to the world heating up. Then we have our high kWh per citizen, which stands around a whopping 27 000 kWh. If we were to do drastic changes to our contribution to climate change, it could be to cut the kWh per citizen and sell more water energy to other countries- Even though we already sell quite a lot, the numbers could be higher which then again results in more money to Norway that we can for example use on environmental friendly causes or charity.






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