New Yorker´s article “why is Donald Trump still so horribly witless about the world” discusses different episodes when Donald Trump has said or done something stupid or awkward. We went through the article looking at each and every individual statement to see if we knew more that president Trump.


Firstly, the journalist asked several advisors and top republicans about what they think Trump needs to understand in order to succeed as the president. There was a wide range of answers, such as: “Embrace the fact that the Russians are not America’s friends”. This, we did know. Throughout the last couple of months, we have heard about the russian involvement in the previous US election. This is very scary considering the historical relationship between these two countries.


Some of the officials also said: “Don’t further alienate the Europeans, who are our friends”. We have not heard too much about how Trump is alienating europeans. We are not particularly aware that he specifically has done or said something that is targeting any sort of relationship between europe and the states. an exception to this might be NATO. Earlier this spring we do recall that he claimed something about that he wanted to pay less to NATO. To be honest, we have to say that we do not know too much about this to say if it is fair or not.


Furthermore, some top republicans and advisors answered “Understand that North Korea’s nuclear program can’t be outsourced to China, which can’t or won’t singlehandedly fix the problem anyway, and realize that military options are limited”. We had no idea about this, but we agreed that if we had to make any important decisions concerning this we would study it and learn everything about this.


It was also said: “Pulling out of innovative trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, will boost China’s economy and secure its global influence—to America’s disadvantage”. Economic integration between nations is very important in order of keeping the economy growing. Also, we have heard about that The US has a whole lot of national debt in china, so it would make a sense that China earns money on making trade embargos between them and the US


Another thing they meant president trump has to grasp is: “Stop bullying his counterparts”.

Obviously.. It is important to keep a serious and respectful vibe when you are the most powerful human in the world. we would also say that it is a democratic problem that he shows such a lack of respect towards his the people he is working with.


Later on in the article, the journalist talks about more specific incidents where Trump has made some “blunders”. Among others we get to know about when President Trump was visiting with the lebanese prime minister. Trump managed to claim the the lebanese forces were fighting on the front line against other militant groups in the middle east. One group he mentioned was the Hezbollah. Trump was apparently not aware the the Hezbollah is a part of the lebanese army. That is common knowledge. At least we knew it. It is very frightening that the most powerful person on the surface of the world did not have that knowledge.


After reading about President Trump’s mistakes it’s safe to say that history is important. Not only is it important because it can make an situation awkward, but also because the very least we can do is appreciate. In the end, our ancestors risked their lives so we could live a better one. The most important things on why history is so important is that you can avoid making the same mistakes as the ones in the past. It’s also important to know  if your sources are correct or fake. Under is a list on how to spot fake news, but it can as well be used to spot fake sources.


Tips on how to reveal fake news and sources:


  • Be skeptical to headlines: Many fake news have catchy headlines with block letters and exclamation mark.
  • Look at the URL-address closely: This is an easy tips to follow up on, if the address is falsified or ends with, it is most likely not a reliable source. If there are any misspells in the address, you should not trust the site.
  • Examine the source: You can ensure yourself that the news are true, if you trust the person who wrote it, if it was written by an organisation you should look up and read about it before you trust it.
  • Look out for unusual formats: Many fake news sites have misspells and an awkward layout. You should be sceptical to what you read if you see these red flags.
  • Consider the images: Many fake news you pictures and videos who are manipulated or taken out of contents. You can search for where the picture is from.
  • Control the dates: Often fake news contain timelines who don’t make sense or  dates of events who has been changed.
  • Check the evidence: You can look at sources the article used and check if they are correct. If the news has a lack of sources and names of experts, it can seem like the news are fake.
  • Look at other articles and reports: If there are no other news sources who report the news, it can indicate that the news are fake. The news are more likely to be true, if multiple sources you trust report it.  
  • Is the news article a joke?  Sometimes it’s hard to separate humor and news. Therefor you can look if the page usually posts jokes.


Some news are fake on purpose: Be critical to what you read, and only share what you know are reliable.   


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